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The 6 Best Hand Crank Meat Grinder Of 2023 - See Top Rated Pick

Are you looking for the Best hand crank meat grinder? We're not biased toward any particular brand or company. Our reviews are based solely on whether they deserve your attention. 

Based on those criteria we have selected a list of 6 products which is the Best hand crank meat grinder for your needs, based on the following brands: Stx international, Sunmile, Ostba, Black+decker, Brentwood. Please continue reading our article.

Mary Roach By, Mary Roach
  • 【Safe and Durable Meat Grinder】Using a private meat grinder instead of a public meat mincer can ensure the safety of family food. Made of food-grade material, the parts that touch the food can prevent the pollution of ingredients. With a thermostat system, an automatic built-in circuit breaker for protection can prevent the motor from overheating
  • 【Easy to Use and Clean】The meat grinder is easy to use with an ON / SLOW / REV switch. In case of jamming, you can turn the“Reverse” button and the Auger will be rotating in the opposite direction, and the head will get empty quickly. The components of this meat grinder machine are easy to disassemble, combine, and clean. Note: Dishwasher unavailable, please apply neutral detergent to cleaning
  • 【Powerful Motor & Professional Meat Grinding】Electric meat grinder engine with power up to 500W ( 2000W Max ). 3.3 pounds(1.5kg) of minced meat can be produced per minute. This meat grinder is good for ground meat and stuffing making, fast and conveniently
  • It is made of high-quality plastic and offers excellent durability.
  • 220-240V, 50Hz, (not for USA)
  • It runs on a powerful 1500W motor that will help you get the meat grinding task done quickly and easily.
  • PRODUCE DIFFERENT TEXTURE – Fine, normal and course cutting plates produce different textures for a variety of dishes. Perfect use for stuffing your own sausages and make traditional Kubbe with included attachments.
  • PROCESS ALL TYPES OF MEAT – Use the Brentwood Select MG-1800S Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer to produce market quality results. Powerful 1800 peak watt motor processes all types of domestic and wild meats. Grind up to 4 pounds a minute with 700 continuous watt motor.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Made from high quality, robust, polished stainless steel body and cast aluminum parts that make it durable and long-lasting usage.
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What factors should customers consider when choosing the Best hand crank meat grinder in 2023?

If you want to know everything there is to know about the Best hand crank meat grinder, read this paper. You won't regret it! Make an order today.

Have you already considered whether any of the products that are the Best hand crank meat grinder were worthwhile? Our research indicates that the products are likely to be among the top-selling items for 2023. Let's take a closer at it.

Reliable Motor Or Hand-crank

No matter whether you are using an old-fashioned manual or motorized model, a good meat grinder will work smoothly and at a steady pace as the meat is processed through it. The screw is powered by an electric motor or hand crank. This pushes the meat through the chamber towards the plate and blade, increasing the speed of the grinding. With strong motors and simple-to-use hand cranks, you can grind at a steady speed with less jamming. This results in high-quality ground meat that is consistent in size and has no fat smear.

Grinding Options

A machine should have at least two grinding plates. For the best texture, you should run the meat twice through the grinder. You can adjust the size of the grinder plates to suit the meat type. For example, coarser grinders work well for sausages in casings. While finer grinders are more suitable for burgers and other applications, they have smaller grinder plates.

Metal Vs. Plastic

Metal pieces are stronger and more resistant to breakage, but they can rust if they are not properly maintained. Grinder parts cannot be washed in a dishwasher. They should be hand-washed with mild detergent and dried immediately. To keep meat at its coldest, metal parts can be frozen or chilled.

Plastic meat grinders are susceptible to cracking and more wear, but they can be washed easily. Plastic can also be difficult to freeze or chill, which is crucial for meat processing.

Sharp Blade And Plates

If the plates and blades of your grinder are dull, none of these qualities will matter. The smearing you worked so hard to avoid is now delayed as the dull blade mashes the meat into a paste and is then pushed through the die. Grinders blades should be razor-sharp right out of the box. They should only be used moderately and should be sharpened no more than once per year. Two plates, also known as dies, are included in most grinders. These can be used for fine and coarse grinds.

Metal Grinder Parts

To avoid fat-smearing, it is important to keep meat cool during grinding. The temperature control of the grinder is important. It is crucial that the main components (the hopper/screw, blade, and plate), don't heat up during operation. This is easier to do if the hopper or screw is made from metal. You can chill metal parts in the freezer before grinding. (It is worth noting that Pat La Frieda, the famous butcher, has argued against this practice. He claims that it can cause grinder pieces to become brittle over time, but we haven’t seen this happen). They also don't get as slippery as plastic ones when they get smudged with fat. This makes them easier to disassemble and clean.

Manual Vs. Automatic

Although manual grinders can be used for small jobs, they are more labor-intensive due to the manual cranking process and slower processing times. You will need to reduce the meat into smaller pieces in order to feed the hopper.

An electric grinder allows you to process fresh meat more quickly and with less effort. An electric grinder does not require a handle to turn and can grind thicker meats. You don't need to chop meat into smaller pieces before you place it in the hopper.

Design And Size

The amount of meat you plan to grind will determine the size of your meat grinder. A meat grinder with a bigger motor, larger hopper and a higher output per minute will be more efficient.


Except for the exterior, the meat grinder's housing is not meant to be washed. The exterior can be cleaned with soapy water and a damp cloth. After each use, the throat, plates, and all removable parts must be washed thoroughly and dried. Important to know that many parts are not dishwasher-safe. To avoid rust, wash in hot water and mild detergent. Dry immediately.

Sturdy Construction With A Compact Footprint

A grinder should be capable of processing pounds of meat quickly without causing any stress to the operator or machine. The grinder should be quiet and not hum too much. It shouldn't be too loud or bulky because this is a tool that most home cooks won’t use every day.

Final Words

If you recognize that there is something missing in your everyday life, it's time to spend on the Best hand crank meat grinder. The item will catapult your life to a higher degree in today's society. Thus, buying some items that are the Best hand crank meat grinder from the best brands such as Stx international, Sunmile, Ostba, Black+decker, Brentwood is worthy of your investment.


1. Can I Grind Poultry In A Meat Grinder?

You can grind poultry with any type of meat grinder, electric or manual. You should consider a machine that can grind soft bones like chicken bones and duck bones if you are planning on grinding chicken bones.

2. How Long Does A Meat Grinder Last?

An electric meat grinder can last approximately 10 years. These parts are more likely to wear than manual grinders because they are motorized. While blades can wear down over time, they can still be sharpened or replaced.

3. Can I Stuff Sausage With My Meat Grinder?

The sausage stuffing tools are included in most meat grinders. The typical sausage stuffing tools can be used for bratwurst or hot dogs. A few meat grinders come with a large stuffing tube to make summer sausages or salami.

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